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canasiafinancial.com brings to you the latest updates and interpretation on actual financial market happenings through the eyes of the founder Berry Voodman, and his team of trusted professionals.

canasiafinancial.com core team of 5, led by Berry Voodman has made headspins and revolutionised the industry of financial journalism. Their keen eyes in the latest news and market information covers global magnitude and brings to their audience a sharp representation of current happenings, and the key consequences that leads to market and financial movement.

canasiafinancial.com has been a key market player as a financial journalist, garnering a steady following of readers and journalist participants from the various segments of the finance industry – wealth managers, brokers and dealers, real estate agents, traders and more. This comprehensive sharing has built up the credibility and influence of this financial journal and forum.

Berry enjoys an occasional golf game with his childhood mates in his free time, followed by an evening well spent with his family members.

canasiafinancial.com is always open to hearing from readers. If anyone is keen to reach out for more information, or to join the team and contribute to the site, please contact at admin@canasiafinancial.com